Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello, Lover

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I really need to get back in the kitchen so I have something to blog about other than non-food related things. Last week I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my camera.I went from my old, beloved canon point&shoot to the Nikon d90. I really wasn't aware of how much of a noticeable difference it would make in my pictures I've been debating buying a dSLR for a little over a year and I extensively researched different brands, lenses, etc to make my decision. Everywhere I looked (Consumer Reports, CNET, techgeeks, photography magazines, etc) every single place ranked the Nikon d90 as #1. I hesitated because at $1200 this was a huge investment to make for just a little hobby of mine. I considered buying the comparable Canon since it was a little under $1000, and I'm familiar with the Canon menus and software. But I really wanted to get the best if I was going to spend that much money on a camera. I knew that buying additional lenses was gonna cost me a lot as well. After more exhaustive research (I can't help it, I'm a science major, I love to research), I read that the Nikkor 18-200mm lens was like having 3 lenses in one. I figured this lens would be a good one to get because I wouldn't need to buy, nor carry, multiple lenses. I ordered this special B&H kit so I could get the d90 with the 18-200mm lens instead of the standard 55-200mm lens (which almost every reviewer said they never use). Bonus for it being $300 off, so it "only" cost me a little over $1200. The lens alone sells for about $800 and the camera body for $900. So I decided to just finally buy the thing. My camera arrived on Monday and I'm in love. It seriously makes such a difference in my photographs, even just on the auto setting. I haven't had time to read through the manual and I know it's going to take me a long time to learn all the features, but I'm really happy with my purchase. B&H is still running the same deal so if anyone else is considering upgrading to a d90, I would definitely recommend this kit.

I also ordered my "camera bag". I fell in love with this bag last month, but couldn't justify buying it--until now.

I know it's just a regular handbag, but I'm going to figure out a way to add some padded removable inserts to secure my camera. Plus, I can use this as a regular purse as well. My bag should be here today (they only had the black in the store and I wanted have this blue "peacock" color, so they had to ship it from another store); I'm eagerly waiting for the UPS guy to show up.

If anyone has any dSLR photo tips to share, I'm all ears; I hate reading manuals. Hopefully this new toy will inspire me to get off my lazy butt, get back in the kitchen and start cooking again. Then I can finally post some recipes.

This is not an advertisement for any of the products above (Nikon, B&H, Canon, Marc Jacobs). I just bought, and love, these items.

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jennaseverythingblog said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So exciting! I wanted the D90 but decided to go with the somewhat comparable D5000 because it was cheaper . . . I got it from a guy on craigslist at the end of February this year, and I LOVE it. It has revolutionized my photography! In terms of DSLR tips, I hate to say what everyone says, but practice, practice, practice. The more you shoot, and the more environments you shoot in (outside, inside, night time, sunset, etc.) the better you'll get and the more you'll learn how to get the results you want with the settings available. I have a couple tips on my blog about setting white balance and about my Nikon external flash, but most of what I know I learned from The Pioneer Woman ( and practice. Good luck and have fun!!

surlykitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i considered the d5000, since it was so similar, and i just figured if i'm going to spend the money i might as well get what i want so i don't feel the need to upgrade later. i know it's over my head right now but i have lots of free time to devote to practice. i can't get over how heavy the lens is; my poor weak arms.

i'm definitely going to check out your tips on your blog. i'm so glad other bloggers post tips and tutorials. i want to learn about the aperature, iso, and f-thingyi wish i wasn't so tired this week so i could experiment more with it.

claire said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i am so jealous right now.... i would give my left arm for that bag and my crappy photos are getting a little irritating!

you will have to let me know what you think!

Carmi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey, the pioneer woman - ree dummond...she has a section on photography that is very informational. just google / bing the pioneer woman and then click on her photography tab - the whole blog is great, btw:)
Love you, Carmi xoxo

surlykitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i will check that out. i still feel like the camera is way over my head. i just haven't had much time to play around with the settings yet.

miss you, hope you're well.

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