Monday, August 8, 2011

Bar Keepers Friend

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I remember being so excited when I received my shiny, new All-Clad d5 cookware. I was elated and promised myself that I would do everything in my power to keep them in pristine condition. The lady at Williams-Sonoma assured me that they are easy to clean, the food ‘just wipes right off so easily’, she claimed. Hmph.

I had no idea how difficult it would be to learn to cook in these pans. They heat up so well, that I have to cook on low heat. If I bump the heat up to medium I end up burning my food, no joke. I’ve made chicken 3 times in the skillet, and have burned my chicken all three times. Luckily, each time the chicken had a coating, so we just peeled off the burned parts before eating them. I eventually had to google “how to cook with all clad.” I’m not even kidding, as explained below.

Cleaning the pans became a hassle. If you don’t remove all the food film from them, the next time you heat your pan, you will get a blue discoloration, as explained on a “how to care for your All Clad” sheet that comes in the box. You can see if there is film left over after hand washing and wiping dry. For stubborn stains they recommend a paste of baking soda and vinegar (or cream of tartar and lemon juice) and rub it with your fingers or a soft cloth to remove stain. I admit this method does work, but you have to repeat the process like 3 times. I bought a nylon scrubber (again, as recommended) specifically for cleaning my All Clad, and, again, it works, but after some elbow grease.

Finally, after burning yet more chicken breasts, I decided to get on the internet for some All Clad cooking and cleaning tips. On All Clad’s website they tell you to cook on low to medium heat. For cleaning, they recommend a product called “Bar Keepers Friend.” I’d never heard of it, so I Googled it. Turns out it’s cheap ($3.99 at my local grocery store, and an even lower $1.75 at my local super Target) and reminds me of the Comet powder my grandma used to use to clean her bathroom sink and tub. There is also a liquid version, but the store only had the powder kind. The instructions from All Clad are ‘add the Bar Keepers Friend to a wet cloth and rub in circular motion’. Oh my goodness, what a difference. This time, the pan was cleaned with just a few swipes of a washcloth. My whole pan sparkled like it was brand new. And I barely did anything, just a gentle wipe was all it took. I’m so delighted I found this product! I wish I had discovered it earlier.

It works on porcelain, too, so I tried it on the inside of my Le Creuset dutch oven that was a bit discolored on the bottom. A few shakes of Bar Keepers friend, a quick wipe or two, and the inside looks like new.

I love this stuff. It has multiple uses which you can find on their website. I feel like Billy Mayes going on about this product. But seriously, I feel like it’s a magic powder I just discovered and had to share with everyone.

Note: Not a paid advertisement. I chose and paid for this product myself, and LOVE it so much I just had to share it

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Beth said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi~ I came across your blog and was dumbfounded that your situation is so similar to mine. I also had my gall bladder out and an endoscopy done. Nothing seemed to work and the stomach pain, diarahea, weight loss continued.

I started on a vegan diet and eliminated fatty foods. this really helped. I also went to a naturopath which has helped tremendously. She has me taking lipase before every meal (to help my body break down fats) and I also have a nightly ritual of a 50 billion probiotic with 3 oz. of aloe vera juice and 1 tsp of l-glutamine powder. Just wanted to share in case these supplements might help you too.

surlykitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

thanks for the tips. i went vegan and it had no effect on me. i'm taking pancreatic enzyme pills each time i eat. i have found that blended food (pureed soup, smoothies, etc) helps me digest and empty my stomach faster.

i have heard of aloe vera juice, but i'm still researching it's pros and cons.

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