Monday, September 19, 2011

My Fountain of Youth

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I know I have been a bad food blogger, not posting about food I made, rather relying on others for food posts. But, dear friends, you are in luck; I am about tell you about the most amazing skin care product I have used to date; my secret to beauty.

I admit I’m a bit vain when it comes to my looks, I see a dermatologist twice a year, I wear sunscreen, and basically try to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for fear of premature wrinkles and age spots.

I smile a lot, and about a year ago, noticed that I’m starting to get crows feet and some fine wrinkles on my forehead. Nothing too noticeable, but I’m not about to let them to deepen and get worse. I spoke with my dermatologist and she recommended a this serum. She gave me a sample, and I tried it out for a month, but didn’t experience any noticeable results.

My next stop was Sephora, my go-to beauty destination. I love that place. There is this amazing sales associate whom I seek out whenever I’m in there. She knows both me and Mr.Surly since we buy all our skincare products from her. I trust her implicitly, she has never steered either of us wrong. Anyway, after discussion of what I was looking for, she recommended a product from Peter Thomas Roth, this Un-Wrinkle serum. The bottle was pricy ($120) which I didn’t want to spent on something I wasn’t sure would even work. Instead, I purchased the Un-wrinkle kit, which has the whole line of Un-Wrinkle products for $68.

Now, I love Peter Thomas Roth products. I have been using his glycolic acid cleanser for years. And I recently discovered his anti-aging glycolic cleanser. I can't pick a favorite between the two cleansers; all I can tell you is that they both leave your face squeaky clean. I only use the cleanser about 3 times a week; I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, so I don't want to use the cleanser everyday.

Ok, sorry about the tangent, back to the Un-Wrinkle kit. I was mainly interested in the serum, and was skeptical about the results. I used it every day for a month (just one pump is all that is needed for your face) and noticed that my forehead lines were actually going away. I couldn’t believe it; a beauty product that actually did what it claimed to do! At first I was using it twice a day, morning and night, but now I just use it at night.

The serum in the kit lasts me about 3 months, so I'm guessing the full sized $120 version would last 6-9 months. Totally worth the money, in my opinion.

On Peter Thomas Roth's website, it claims to see instant results. While my results weren't instant, I did notice that my forehead wrinkles vanished after a month. So, if you're vain, like me, run to you nearest sephora. Or you can order the products of Peter Thomas Roth's website. Click here for the Un-Wrinkle serum.

Note: Not a paid advertisement. I just really love Peter Thomas Roth's skincare products

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Wanna Be A Country Cleaver said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Fantastic!! I have my jar of Dr. Wexler mMPi serum and adore it, but when that runs out I'd love to give something new a shot, and do a side by side comparison of sorts. :)

surlykitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ooh, you have to let me know the results on which is better.

claire said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

every time i go to get make up they try to sucker me into all of this stuff- i am glad to find someone that has something they really believe in!

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm not looking for wrinkle cream as of yet, but its always really useful to hear about good products from real people rather than the people trying to sell you them!

Lifecell said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think it’s the best ways that you discussed and I ever read. Great

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