Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lipstain: My New Obessison and Spring Pick

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my sister and me putting on Grammy's makeup

What can I say,I love makeup. As little girls, my sister and I loved playing with makeup. When visiting my grandparents we'd make a beeline for Grammy's vanity and start applying her makeup to ourselves and each other. Grammy eventually ended up buying makeup for us to keep in her vanity drawers so we wouldn't use up all hers.

The thrill of applying makeup never left me. In fact, I wish I had more excuses to wear it. Since I started on disability I rarely leave the house. I'm lucky to make it out of my pjs much less put makeup on. Usually, I apply a light layer on my weekly Tuesday Target trip.

The one item of makeup I never is wear lipstick; I feel like my lips are too pointy at the top and I feel lipstick never looks good on me. I prefer a light lipgloss or just plain lip balm.

Then I saw these lipstains. It made me think of the scene from Gone With the Wind where Scarlett bites her lips and pinches her cheeks to make it look like she had on lipstick and rouge. I figured I'd give it a try just for funsies. I found the Maybelline one on sale at Target and bought it. I liked it, so I looked around for more.


Then I saw that Revlon made a product with a lipstain on one end...

...and lip balm on the other.

Perfection. Lipstain gives just a hint of color to your lips and eventually it wears off, so if you are a person who likes colored lips, keep it in your purse. My lips are pretty dark naturally, which is why I tend to choose neutral beiges and tans to tone down their pinkish hue. But since these lipstains were faint I thought it'd be fun to try to go for a berry colored lip.

I put a swatch of each color on the back of my hand for an example of how light they go on. I like the Revlon better than the Maybelline because of the lip balm; that small touch makes a big difference.


Of course you can apply more than one coat to make your lips darker, but as I mentioned before, I tend to avoid drawing attention to my pointy lips.

NOTE: not a paid advertisement. I purchased the products myself and loved them so much I wanted to share them with others.

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I'll have to try lipstain. I usually just wear gloss.

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