Thursday, June 13, 2013

Test of Strength

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Sorry there haven't been any new food posts in awhile. I've been dealing with a lot of health issues lately.  I was in the hospital on Monday for a pancreatic procedure. 

It turns out my Nutcracker Syndrome (rare kidney issue) is getting worse.  The compression of the left renal vein is causing severe swelling of the SMA (superior mesenteric artery).  The vein could either burst/leak/etc or the blood would go back into my kidney, causing internal bleeding.

Thank God that I have the most amazing nephrologist (kidney specialist) in the world who squeezed me in to see him right away.  He recommended having surgery to my renal vein before things get worse.  Since I'm first (and only) patient at my southern hospital who has Nutcracker Syndrome my nephrologist felt uneasy having my surgery here.  So he made arrangements for me to go to a world-renowned clinic up north (no, not as far north as the Mayo Clinic, but second to them as the world leader in Nutcracker Syndrome) to see surgeons who have actually seen and operated on people with Nutcracker Syndrome.  Finally, people who are familiar with this rare disease.  I don't have to go in and explain it to the nurses, fellowship students, doctors, etc.  No more odd, quizzical looks and blank stares when I mention my "freak" issue--Nutcracker Syndrome. I'm having an ultrasound to see if I'm a good candidate for surgery; specifically laparoscopic splenorenal venous bypass for nutcracker syndrome.

This will all be happening in the next few weeks.  So my postings will probably sporadic.

I'm nervous about this operation, obviously. I'm hoping it will take away the constant pain I suffer from in my left flank. My nephrologist didn't want me to get my hopes up that this surgery will stop my pain. But it will help me avoid future severe kidney issues.

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