Thursday, December 5, 2013

Golden Autumn

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Day 5
On the fifth day of Christmas my bartender made for me one golden cocktail....

This drink is yummy; basically to me anything with bourbon is going to be delicious. Some people might be wondering what St Germain is. It's an elderflower liqueur that is sweet in taste.

st germain
I find it too sweet so I usually cut down the amount the recipe calls for, then add more, to taste, at the end. In this drink the sour lime is supposed to counteract the sweet St Germain, resulting in a balanced, perfect drink.

Golden Autumn
2 oz bourbon
1/2-1 oz St Germain
3/4 oz (splash) of fresh lime juice

Shake all ingredients except bitters. Strain into ice filled glass. Top with two dashes Angostrua bitters.

xmasdrinks photo xmasdrinks.jpg

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