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Review:: RealBeanz Coffee

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I love coffee. I need it; I’ve been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and my medications just increase the fatigue. It’s hard for me to get out of bed and I’m in a haze until I get that first sip of sweet liquid caffeine in me.

At least twice a week I’m running out the door to physical therapy. Often these mornings I am lucky to get up 15 minutes before I need to be out the door. I barely have time to dress, wash my face, brush my teeth and remember to put deodorant on. Sadly, most of the time I don’t have time to brew coffee to take with me nor stop for coffee on the way to the medical facility. I’ve been looking for an alternative and with summer approaching I figured a cold, premade beverage would be ideal. But I don’t want “bad stuff” in it (high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener, etc). I want whole, pure ingredients and it needs to be low fat (since I have fat malabsorption).

I'm happy to say RealBeanz fits the bill.

Here's part of their philosophy:

"RealBeanz® believes that an iced coffee beverage should do more than just satisfy your taste buds – it ought to help you get through the day and enhance your lifestyle without subjecting your body to harmful chemicals or unhealthy ingredients. (AMEN and AMEN)

RealBeanz® utilizes a blend of 100% natural ingredients in a flavorful coffee blend that’ll help brew the lifestyle you desire.

We know that you’re seeking coffee-based beverages that are big on flavor, high on quality and perfect for your health-conscious lifestyle. (this is definitely me)

No artificial flavorings, colorings, sweeteners or preservatives (YAY!)
Fresh, artificial hormone-free (rBST-free), reduced-fat milk maximizes flavor and health appeal” (Thank you!)

“RealBeanz iced coffee uses premium coffee beans and 100% wholesome ingredients. The beverage is low in calories, with no artificial flavorings, colorings, sweeteners or preservatives. RealBeanz also contains vitamins and potent herbs for the best in health and flavor.” (exactly what I'm looking for in my quest for iced coffee)

To see all the flavors, ingredients, and nutrition information click here.

Those are the fine details. Let's get down to taste.

If you follow me on instagram you know I love all things coconut. I recently discovered a lust for how hydrating coconut water is. I was excited to see that two of my full-sized (9.5oz) samples contained coconut water. Adding coconut water to the coffee? Pure genius! Two of my favorites together! Rehydrate with coconut water as I dehydrate with coffee.

Naturally I immediately tore into the Dark Roast with coconut water first.


Um, yum! I was a bit worried about the addition of stevia; I feared that it would be too sweet for me. But it was perfect, not too sweet at all. You couldn’t even taste the coconut. I got a great boost from the caffeine. And the best part? No coffee breath. Loved the boost of energy it gave me. My medications and chronic fatigue syndrome keep me so exhausted.  This product actually gave me the energy to do things. Seriously, I want an entire case of this flavor.

It was so nice to wake up the next morning, grab the bottle of cappuccino with coconut water and run out the door to physical therapy. Where has RealBeanz been? Why am I just finding out about them now? My physical therapy & early hospital days would have been so much easier for me had I known of RealBeanz. A bottle of this and I'm out the door. No fussing with grinding beans and brewing coffee. Just grab a bottle and out the door.

The flavor of the cappuccino was similar to the dark roast. It was nice to not have coffee breath during PT. This didn't have as much coffee flavor as the dark roast and did not give me as much of a boost, which I found odd considering cappuccino is made with espresso beans. But I would definitely drink this again. I just liked the dark roast much better.

Now onto the caramel flavor. This one did not have coconut water. Instead, it had Ginko Biloba to help brain function and focus the mind. Sad to say with my meds there is no help for me in that department. The taste was good. The caramel taste a bit to strong for me so I was a "bad" girl and put some whipped cream in it. It made the coffee extra yummy, as whipped cream is apt to do to iced coffee. Did not get a caffeine jolt with this flavor either. I'll stick with the dark roast.


The best part of all these flavors is that none of them gave me any GI issues. Thank goodness! I'm weary of products with dairy in them for the fact that I usually end up sick afterwards.

The price of each 9.5 oz is $1.99-$2.69 and you can find them at most grocery stores and retailers nationwide. You can also order cases of it on the RealBeanz website. Stock up, this stuff is amazing.

For more information you can check out the RealBeanz website, pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram and/or YouTube.

Bottoms up!

Note: Sponsored by RealBeanz. While I received free samples of RealBeanz coffee all opinions are my own.

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