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Summer Hair: Review BTZ Beach Head Review

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 photo allBTZ_zpsc108824a.jpg

It’s summer time! That means time outside by the pool, beach, lake; whatever body of water is nearest. As you will see in the follow photos I color my hair (please forgive me the dark roots; I’m not trying to be “ombre.” My hair was bleached all over which ruined it and I’m trying to get it back to where it looks somewhat presentable). Since I go pretty blonde it can get pretty brassy if exposed to a lot of sun. Therefore, when asked to review some beach hair products for summer I was all about it.

I have very thin, fine hair; it never really changed in texture since I was a toddler. So keep that in mind as I discuss these products. I have to be very careful with hair products because my hair can look pretty greasy very easily. It sucks, I have to wash my hair every day or end up with an oil pit on my head. Bleh.

Ok, off on a tangent there, sorry. Let’s discuss these amazing BTZ products that have seriously transformed my hair in the month I have been using them. Lippe Taylor was generous enough to send me full sized samples of each BTZ product. You can purchase them at your nearest Sally Beauty Supply store. See below for prices and more on each product:

Now onto my hair transformation and thoughts on each product.

Here is a picture of me, right out of bed, with air-dried hair. There is no product in it. As you can see my ends are dry from the bad reaction my hair had to the bleach:

 photo naturaldry_zps15f5908d.jpg

First up to smooth out this awful dryness at the ends of my hair I tried the smoothing cream:

 photo smoothcream_zps8214237c.jpg

OMG! Look at the difference it made in my hair. I shampooed & conditioned my hair then applied the smoothing cream to wet hair (working from the ends up to the roots), combed through my hair, and allowed it to air dry. Look at the difference! My hair looks soft and moisturized. The hair shaft is completely smoothed out and my roots don’t look greasy. Win. You can apply this to dry hair as well.

 photo smoothdry2_zps06803458.jpg

This would be an amazing product to take the pool. Sometimes it’s so hot you have to get in the water to cool off. The chlorine is extremely drying so this would be great to stash in your bag and apply after getting out of the pool to wet or dry hair to prevent or tame any frizziness.

 photo smoothdry1_zps8c2e5265.jpg

Next up, the shining spray which is like a light hair spray/gloss.

 photo makeitshine_zpsaeb2f214.jpg

 photo shiny_zpse0c68c27.jpg

LOVE this. Look how shiny my hair is.  I applied the shine spray onto air-dried hair that had the smoothing cream combed through my wet hair.  I love the result. The hair still moves and you can run your fingers through it; not at all sticky, not even when sitting by the pool.

Last is the beach spray. This was fun for me since I have straight, fine, blah hair with no volume.

 photo scrunchit_zps5b6b2d36.jpg

 photo beachspraywet_zps021e0346.jpg

Look at my curls! When it dries it leaves beautiful soft curls/waves in my normally straight hair. My hair doesn’t hold curl well, but I get beautiful waves from this. It also thickens my hair. And the best part? I can go a day without shampooing & not look like my hair could provide enough grease to fry an egg.

I use the smoothing cream every day. I love it. I’m addicted to it.

I use the beach spray when I want to thicken my hair. I spray it on dry hair, scrunch, and it gives me hair that I can pull back into a nice, faux thick bun. Then I spray on the shiny spray to gloss up my pulled back hair and leave my house looking elegant and summer cool. I couldn’t be happier with each product.

Note: While I received the products gratis from Lippe Taylor , as always all opinions are my own.

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