Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who Likes Free? Me!

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I am such a beauty product junkie; skin care, makeup, etc. I love it all. I love trying different products. Have you heard of Mario Badescu? He has a spa in NYC with celebrity clients. According to InStyle, Naomi Campbell visits him when she's in NYC. Naomi has skin that is to-die-for. She's timeless.

After some research I discovered that you can get samples in the mail, for free, from Mario Badescu. The Best part is you get products based on your skin type. It's so easy. You take a quiz which at the end lists the products they recommend for your skin. I think you might have to register; I can't remember. But after a week or so when you don't order anything from them you receive a follow up email saying, hey you didn't order anything would you like free samples sent to your house. Um, yes please! It takes a few weeks but free deluxe samples are worth the wait. If you don't see it in your inbox check your spam folder. Included is a daily skin regimen on how to use your products. I haven't started using my products yet but I will keep you updated with what I'm loving.

Get your free samples by taking the questionnaire yourself. Click here to get started. Everyone gets different products based on individual skin needs. I'd love to hear what products you get and how well they work for you. As I said I'm a product junkie and I'm open to trying anything.

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Mario Badescu. I just want to share an easy way to try some new (and free!) skin products. Over and out.

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