Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Review

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Treat & Conceal
Hi, it's me. I'm back after yet another absence with another beauty product favorite. Since I haven't been cooking I have delved back into my obsession with beauty products full-force.

Today's product is Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal. It's a concealer that treats blemishes, pigmentation spots and fine lines as it conceals. It comes in 4 different shades for all skin tones.

Let's discuss why I wanted to try this product. I have very sensitive skin. I used an eye cream with retinol and it gave me retinol "burns" around my eyes. Basically, they were patches of brown discoloration on my skin. Are you ready for the unedited pictures? I cringe to put them out there but here they are:

right before photo 39086e66-cf18-4daa-973d-00b2ac1e7add_zps8e81a041.jpg

left before photo 6eba1f3e-92a9-4953-89f4-1455490b154e_zpsc209ebfa.jpg

As you can see the left side is worse than the right side. Please, forget these images because the spots are gone as I'll show below.

Since I obviously need makeup to cover these horrid spots, I was happy to learn of a product that would help diminish the spots as it concealed. I used this product (in the shade light) everyday. It's a cream that finishes to a powder. I found it could look cakey around my eyes but using a primer (Stila color corrector) solved this problem. With a primer the product glides on smoothly and didn't cake nor settle into my under-eye creases.

After a month, my spots were a bit faded but still visible. Encouraged, I kept using it faithfully. I'm happy to announce it has worked. It took about two months but it worked. See the current photos below for the transformation:
rightafter2mos photo 4a1230a4-8c91-43e9-8f8c-4e310129190f_zpsfba4592c.jpg
please disregard the tweezer wound

2mos photo 7d927162-e60a-4c53-9531-eeae8f07ef16_zps29e973ff.jpg

I am amazed at the difference. I'm extremely happy with the results. As I mentioned it does take time to really work so be patient.

Other benefits from the product description are:

Correct: Helps visibly minimize the signs of aging on your face and keeps your skin smooth and glowing.

Cover: Transforms skin by covering dark circles, blemishes and fine lines around the eye area and face with its enhanced color minerals.

Protect: Soothes skin with White Rose and Chamomile extracts and other essential oils and agents.

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal can be purchased at Ulta and Nordstrom for $36

Alert: Right now it's on sale at Ulta for $25.20 so hurry and get yours now! And please forget all about the before pictures of my horrible retinol burns; thank goodness they are no longer there.

Note: While I received the product free for review, all opinions are 100% my own. I would't share a product that didn't hold up to it's claims

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