Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coming Soon! The 12 Vintage Cocktails of Christmas

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I know it’s not December yet, heck, it’s not even Thanksgiving.  But December 1st is quickly approaching.  And, my dear readers, you know what December 1st is; the first day of the 12 cocktails of Christmas!

This year marks the 4th annual 12 cocktails of Christmas.  This year we’re taking it back a few decades making it the 12 vintage cocktails of Christmas.  The drinks may not fit the theme of the classic Christmas carol but it’s fun to make classic cocktails.  Especially with Mad Men ending *insert single tear*

I’m fortunate my sister-in-law & her boyfriend are NYC bartenders to help guide me and give me tips/trips. Check Derek out at the Growler’s downstairs in the Underdog Cocktail Bar, located in the Financial District; his drinks don’t disappoint.  


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