Friday, December 5, 2014

Bee's Knees

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Day 5:
Oh, this drink. It gave me so much trouble! I added honey to the shaker and it globbed up in the bottom of my shaker. Not pleasing. I removed the glob & tried melted honey. No dice. I finally just put the honey in the bottom of the glass and let it sit a bit to dissolve. If anyone figures out a better way to mix in the honey, please let me know. The honey is so good in this drink. Maybe agave would have been a better choice but then I'd have to change the title of the drink ;)

Bee’s Knees
1.5 oz gin (I used Watershed)
¼ oz lemon juice
1 tsp honey

Add tsp of honey to glass. Shake gin & lemon juice; strain into glass. Stir to dissolve honey.

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Source: Slightly adapted from The Mid-Century Menu

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