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Day 6:
Again, I realized I served this drink incorrectly. I have it served straight up when it should be served on the rocks. *sigh* It's still delicious no matter what. This one has some NYC Derek "flair." But it's pretty close to the "classic" version. This one is probably my favorite out of all the vintage cocktails we made. Mr.Surly loves it, too.

Note: the orange bitters are not necessary. But if you do find and use them the orange peel makes all the difference in this drink!

2 oz rye (I used Bulleit Rye; green label)
¾ -1 oz sweet vermouth (I do ¾ oz because I’m not big on sweet drinks)
2 dashes Angostrua bitters
2 dashes orange bitters
Orange peel, garnish

Combine all in stainless steel cocktail shaker. Stir with spoon 20-30 sec. Strain in glass on the rocks. Squeeze/twist orange peel over drink and drop in.

Source: Derek Brown of the Underground Cocktail Bar

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