Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Must Have Winter Skin Products

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Since moving north our poor faces are not used to dry, freezing temps. Sure, it would get cold in The South but there was usually some humidity in the air to keep our skin from getting dry and chapped.

Mr.Surly and I have different skin types. My skin is dry (probably due to my multiple medications). His is oily but he suffers from eczema flares from time to time, on his arms especially.

I have certain products that have really helped our skin in winter months. My cheeks get dry and flakey. In addition to dry cheeks, Mr.Surly also gets severely dry on the sides of his mouth. He grows a beard for the winter for protection and warmth.

The following products have been live savers for our skin.

1. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser: This brand recommendation came from our dermatologist. We have been using this cleanser for years. If you want to try it for yourself go to the CeraVe website and they usually have a coupon.

2. Caudalie Moisturizing Toner: This toner is amazing. Mr.Surly probably loves it more than me, ha ha. On days when I have PT or don’t feel like washing my face I put this on a cotton pad & wipe it all over my face to “wash” it. If using it as a toner I like to pat it into my skin for ultimate moisturizing benefits.

3. Fresh Seaberry Oil: I started using this at the beginning of fall when I received a deluxe sample of it from Sephora. I fell in LOVE with it. I ordered a full size bottle and use it at night, focusing on my cheeks, lightly covering my T-zone. I like the smell of it. And it makes my skin glow. I use it morning and night.

4. Dr. Jart+ Sleeping Mask: I bought this last winter (our first winter up north in 7 years) because my poor face was so dry! By spring/summer the humidity picked up and I was able to stop using it. I didn’t rebuy it until recently when Mr.Surly requested it. I’d been rotating using the Seaberry oil and coconut oil (yes, the kind you cook with) as my nightly moisturizer. This year my skin is dry but not as chapped. Not the case for Mr.Surly. Poor guy is suffering around his nose and mouth and he needed the intense moisture this mask provides. It’s awesome for restoring moisture. Since he is oily, Mr.Surly only applies the mask to the dry areas of his face (cheeks, nose, mouth).

Coconut Oil: (not pictured) This is such a great, inexpensive moisturizer that provides so many skin benefits! I love it. I microwave it to liquefy then add thyme oil and eucalyptus oil, stir, then allow it to solidify. I keep it in small, 4 oz glass mason jar. (I got a 4 pk of them from Target)

Another winter must is exfoliation. Gotta get rid of all that dead skin. My absolute favorite exfoilator is Dr. Brandt’s daily microderm abrasion. It’s incredibly expensive but amazing and lasts forever. You just need a tiny bit. It has the yummiest, lemony scent. The St.Ives apricot scrub is a popular drugstore brand but I don’t get the same level of exfoliation. Dr.Brandt's exfoliator has smaller, more gentle crystals. But I totally understand not wanting to splurge on the Dr.Brandt stuff. If you go to Sephora and ask for a sample you can try it out and it will last awhile because you only need a small amount. When I run out I'm going to switch to sugar as my exfoliator; I hear it works wonders.

The above are all relatively expensive (except for the CeraVe cleanser & coconut oil) but worth every penny. However, if you can't justify the cost I totally get it.

Note: NOT a sponsored post. I bought all items with my own money and loved them so much I had to share

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