Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Precious

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Disaster Averted.

The other morning Mr.Surly called me with, as he said “good news and bad news.” Is it just me or do you hate when someone says this. Usually, I like to get the bad news first so I can end on a happy note.

However, it was so early in the morning and I am in the midst of a medication dosage reduction that I told him to choose the order. He gave me the good news first and the bad news second.

The bad news hit me like a ton of bricks: he’d lost his wedding ring. Now, I must mention to you that this ring is not just my husband’s but it was also my beloved Pap-Pap’s white gold wedding ring from 1941.

Growing up I was extremely close to my grandparents, my whole extended family, in fact. My grandparents passed away within a year of each other in the mid 2000’s. Before Pap-Pap suffered his second stroke, when I was in college, he called me into his bedroom. There he gave me 3 rings. Two were the 18 karat white gold wedding rings from 1941 when he married Grammy. (They later changed to 18k yellow gold wedding bands; in the 80’s, I believe.) The third ring was his mother’s engagement ring from 1916.

Are you still with me? Back to Pap-Pap’s wedding ring. That wedding ring is currently on my husband’s finger, or was. But I’ll get to that.

Ring shopping for our wedding rings was tiresome. On a whim, I had Mr.Surly try on my grandpa’s wedding ring and, surprisingly, it was a perfect fit. Like a glove. My grandma had the teensiest fingers, like size 4. My ring finger is a size 6 so there was no way I could pull off wearing her wedding band. I love the fact that a ring that was on the finger of one man who was so important to me is now encircling the finger of my love.

I had to give you a back story so you can understand the devastation I felt when Mr.Surly told me he lost that ring. He felt horrible because he knows how close I was to my Pap-Pap. He didn’t want to keep it from me but he also wanted me to keep an eye out for it since he knew he lost it in the house. He was late for work because he was franticly searching for it.

Have you lost something irreplaceable to you? I can only explain my reaction as this: devestation. I went cold all over; numb. I wasn’t enraged, just filled with a sense of complete and utter dread. I had a weird metallic taste at the back of my mouth. I tried to keep it together but as soon as I hung up the phone I burst into tears. Gut wrenching sobs.

I prayed to God, Pap-Pap, and St.Anthony (the patron saint of lost causes & lost articles). Then I got out of bed and went to open the blinds. When I turned around, there lying on the floor was the ring. Plain as day, out in the open between the foot of the bed and the dresser. How Mr.Surly missed it is a mystery. Honestly, I believe my prayer was answered.

I’m happy to report the ring is safe and sound, back on Mr.Surly’s finger.

Sigh of relief.

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