Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Egg & Bacon Breakfast Muffins

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Yes, you read the title correctly; these muffins have bacon in them. Well, turkey bacon to be exact. Which is still bacon, which means, to me, it's evil. I have always hated the taste and smell of bacon, even as a child. My sister would chase me, as she ate bacon slices, taunting me "Come on, I know you want a bite." I had to jump on the swing set and swing to avoid her and that awful bacon aroma.

These muffins were made, out of love, for Mr.Surly. These are my second attempt. The first time I tried making them I burnt the bacon (hey, I never make the stuff). So they were just egg muffins. They are incredibly easy to make and are a great grab & go breakfast. I made them in a muffin tins, and even with cooking spray it was hard to get them out. The second time I used silicon muffin cups and it was so much easier to remove the muffins. I wish I had a silicon muffin pan but unfortunately I do not; I only have individual silicon cups which I put on a baking sheet and it worked out fine.

Egg & Bacon Breakfast Muffins
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12 egg whites*
6 whole eggs*
~3 splashes of milk
couple shakes tobasco sauce
12 strips bacon, cooked & diced, or crumbled (I only had 8 thick slices of turkey bacon)**
salt and pepper to taste
~Tbl diced leek (or green onion)
~Tbl ground flax (opt)
~Tbl oat bran (opt)
~1 ½ c shredded cheddar cheese (opt)

Preheat oven to 350F.

Spray muffin tin witH non-stick spray.

Beat together eggs, milk, and tobasco. Stir in leeks, flax, oat bran, and bacon. Salt and pepper to taste.

Fill each muffin well ¾ full. I used a ¼ c measuring cup with a spout to do this. Top with cheese.

Bake until puffy and lightly browned, about 20-22 min. Be careful not to overcook or they get rubbery.

*Note: you can use any ratio of whole eggs to egg whites. 2 egg whites=1 egg in this recipe. I wanted them to be healthy, so I used half egg whites, half eggs. But it would be easier to just use 12 whole eggs.

**Note: for an even distribution of bacon, you can add it to each well, after pouring in the egg mixture.

Source: adapted from the South Beach Diet Cookbook

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