Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keepin' it Real

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I have been a horrible blogger, especially food. For some reason Feb and Mar were medically really bad months for me, I was having more attacks and side effects. This led to my doctor upping my klonopin which makes me extremely sleepy but has helped with the pain. Then my rheumatologist found problems in my blood work, suggesting I could have some horrible, serious chronic illnesses.

For this reason I haven't been cooking. I'm also scared to eat because of the side effects. I've been sticking to "safe" foods for me. The most I do is pop some chicken and a rice medley in the oven and bake. Or make pasta. Mr.Surly has been really great about the whole thing. I know he'd like more variety and better meals but I just cannot gather the energy to stand in the kitchen to make a normal meal.

Last week was hell. I had two doctor appointments. On Monday it was with my GI doctor. It went well, we are reducing my seroquel xr dose (Yay!). It is a horrible drug. I take it to sleep but the side effects are horrible; hallucinations, short term memory loss, vivid dreams, conversations with people that never happen (that I was sure had happened). So we made a plan to taper off of it and talked about possible issues with my pancreas.

Then, Wednesday, was an appointment with my nephrologist. I had a severe pain attack the night before, so he ordered bloodwork to check my pancreatic enzyme levels, as well as repeating my rheumatologist bloodwork. We're hoping it was just a fluke the first time. Then after feeling my abdomen he told me I needed to go get an emergency MRI; not what I was planning. I hate MRIs; I'm extremely claustrophobic. Luckily, I always carry my ativan with me for flare ups, so I took one before the MRI. I was not planning on spending my whole day in the hospital so I was glad to get home and crawl into bed. That incident kept me in bed the next day. And I have been chronically fatigued as well.

Mr.Surly wants to start the paleo diet so I have been researching it. I have no idea how I'm going to implement it. I guess I'll just gradually introduce it. I'm hoping this will help with my recent increase in pain; I'll try anything to get rid of the pain.

I apologize for the lack of food posts. I will eventually get some up. In the meantime I have some non-food related post ideas.

Please bare with me until I rebound; and I will rebound, I always do.

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring. Thank god, sunny, warm weather is here.

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Kvetchin' Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Please take care! We want to see you rebound for your health, not just the food. Take care!

surly kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

you are too kind. i'm so glad you know exactly what i'm going thru. it's nice to have someone who understands that you never know when an attack will hit

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