Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fake It Til You Make It

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Yes, this is a picture of my kidney. Isn't that crazy? On the right of the screen is my left kidney showing my Nutcracker Syndrome. You can see all the loops of extra veins that popped up to help drain my kidney. The surgeon said that I'm so tall and lanky, my torso so long they really had to crop down the pictures.

I have been the worst blogger. I have been up north at the famous hospital since July 3. I miss my husband and I miss the sunny southern days. But this visit up north is paying off. It turns out I have another disorder (of course) called May Thurner Syndrome. Apparantly, it's pretty common for people to have both this syndrome along with nutcracker syndrome. I have surgery scheduled for Aug 2. I'm getting a stent put in my left iliac vein (around my pelvis). This is supposed to create a large channel for drainage from my kidney. It's a better option than putting it near the renal vein. I have a 90% chance of the stent lasting 1-2 years (no idea what happens after that; it's one of my pre-op questions) and 60-70% it will relieve my chronic flank pain. Also, it leaves the option open to go back to the kidney at a later date (hopefully after I have babies) and manipulate the renal vein.

After the surgery I will obviously need healing time. I'm so happy my husband was able to take off work that week to be my nurse. :) I'm afraid my upcoming posts may not be food related. I have some really great beauty products I ordered I must share because they turn my pale, sickly face into a glowing, semi-healthy looking one (just don't look at my medicated-glazed eyes).

I'll try to get some posts up soon. Right now I'm just taking time out to concentrate on getting my health back on track and see how I heal up after the surgery. And to all you who have wished me luck and sympathized with me on twitter & instagram thank you. It's nice to hear from others who know what living with chronic pain is like. I'm trying my best to stay strong and positive for the upcoming surgery even though I'm anxious. But I have to look forward to the outcome and not let my nerves get in the way; I'm faking it (no anxiousness) til I make it (not anxious). This is a step forward in regaining my health.

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